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Part 1: The Slave (3:50)
Part 2: Saviour (2:51)


Part 1: The Slave
[Verse 1]:
Filthy, worthless swine
I don’t need the truth
Hide it all away
I don’t even look

Nullify my thoughts
Numb me from the world
Solace in the death…
In the death of SELF!!

[Funky Wah-tastic]

[Chorus 1]:
Servitude: my only friend
A loyal slave until the end
You justified it to rectify
The weakness in my soul

I’ll be content with ignorance
A faithful serf in penitence
I will not think of your holy fears
That’ve kept me scared these many years


[Guitar Solo]

[Verse 2]:
No longer can I
Comfort in my toil
(I’ve) Taken of the fruit
I see in their hearts
Reign with love and sex
Drugs to keep us calm
In the hearts of MEN (GODS)!!

[Chorus 2]:
Servitude: my only end
And I don’t need a nary friend
You justified this to rectify
The strength within my soul

So I’ll survive through ignorance
A mindless serf of impotence
I could not think of your holy fears
That kept me chained these shortened years

Right? RIGHT!!!

Part 2: Saviour
Underneath that tree
Down upon your knees
You pray, you pray
But no one’s coming today

‘Cause saviors never come
When they are needed
They only show themselves
Once you’re done bleeding

[Bass Solo]

Why have you cried those tears
Over your many, short years?
Tears of pain and serving
The one you love to fear

So if you want to claim your freedom
Listen to my call
If you don’t help yourself
You won’t get any help at all

[Guitar Solo]

So if you want to claim your freedom
Listen to my call
You’ve got to be your own savior
Yourself is all you have… after all


from Worthless, Faceless​.​.​., released August 28, 2015



all rights reserved


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