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[Verse 1]:
Watching the reign of men
I will never bend
Fading away

The day of judgment is catalyzed
Not by God, but by demagogues
That run this nation into the radiated ground
Who among you wears the crown?
A government strong enough
To answer your every call
Is one with the power to take it all away…
So pathetic… Do you not know that you are so very…

[Chorus 1]:
One of a million
(I’m) Never a cause to a single event


[Verse 2]:
The moon fades at dawn
I will never fawn
Berated away

You disappoint your family,
The one you love, society’s
Role for you, you play the part
Yet still you fail right from the start
Day and night you slave away
A pointless job doing what they say
Till the noose of death wraps around your neck
To remind us all that we are so very…

[Chorus 1]
[Chorus 2]:
(I’m) Worthless!
One of ten billion
(I’m) just a broken link in this rusted chain
Of life!

[Guitar Solo]

(And) As the people scurry about
So unaware of Nature around
(I see) The Brookes flow in cycles
Dark cycles

[Chorus 1+2]


from Worthless, Faceless​.​.​., released August 28, 2015



all rights reserved


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