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[Verse 1]:
Up upon this cross I watch you
Bleed out again and sigh
Concerned with only carnal passions
A salty tear left dried

Manipulating misconceptions
I told you I never lied
I never lied to you

You always try to tear me down
And tell me what to say
You care not what I’m thinking
Or the words I’ve said today
I always try to build you up
And make you what you’re not
It bears upon my thoughts
As my mind begins to rot

Oh, I
(I) feel so torn inside (Torn inside)
I cannot hide (I cannot hide)

Oh, please
I’m down here on my knees (On my knees)
I’ll beg and plead (Begging please)
Don’t let her leave me (Please, leave me)

God, Jesus, Holy Spirit
Save me (Save me)
I’m here all alone
Forsakenly (Forsaken me)

[Verse 2]:
From down upon the ground you see me
Heave a self-righteous sigh
Concerned with just my moral constraints
Never thought to ask why

You did things the way you chose to do
Or the reasoning behind
The morality of you

I always try to tear you down
And tell you what to say
I care not what you’re thinking
Or the words you’ve said today
You always try to build me up
And make me what I’m not
It bears upon your thoughts
As your mind begins to rot


[Guitar Solo]



from Worthless, Faceless​.​.​., released August 28, 2015



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