Worthless, Faceless​.​.​.

by ICN

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ICN's debut release


released August 28, 2015

Worthless (3:31)
Music by: R. Nathan Boggs/ Isaac J. Ramsey
Torn (4:53)
Music by: Isaac J. Ramsey/ R. Nathan Boggs/ Trey P. Vickers
Servitude (6:41)
Part 1: The Slave (3:50)
Music by: Isaac J. Ramsey/ R. Nathan Boggs/ Christopher L. Freeman
Part 2: Saviour (2:51)
Music by: Isaac J. Ramsey/ R. Nathan Boggs

All lyrics by: Isaac J. Ramsey
All drum arrangements by: Christopher L. Freeman

ICN is:
Isaac Ramsey: Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar, Keyboard on "Torn"
Nathan Boggs: Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals
Christopher Freeman: Drums

facebook.com/ICNband * reverbnation.com/ICNband * youtube.com/ICNband

Additional studio instrumentation:
Chase Delaney: Bass Guitar

Tracked, Mixed, and Mastered by Vince West at Humming Machine Studios

© 2015. All rights reserved. Unauthorized duplication is a violation of applicable laws.



all rights reserved


ICN Kentucky

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Track Name: Worthless
[Verse 1]:
Watching the reign of men
I will never bend
Fading away

The day of judgment is catalyzed
Not by God, but by demagogues
That run this nation into the radiated ground
Who among you wears the crown?
A government strong enough
To answer your every call
Is one with the power to take it all away…
So pathetic… Do you not know that you are so very…

[Chorus 1]:
One of a million
(I’m) Never a cause to a single event


[Verse 2]:
The moon fades at dawn
I will never fawn
Berated away

You disappoint your family,
The one you love, society’s
Role for you, you play the part
Yet still you fail right from the start
Day and night you slave away
A pointless job doing what they say
Till the noose of death wraps around your neck
To remind us all that we are so very…

[Chorus 1]
[Chorus 2]:
(I’m) Worthless!
One of ten billion
(I’m) just a broken link in this rusted chain
Of life!

[Guitar Solo]

(And) As the people scurry about
So unaware of Nature around
(I see) The Brookes flow in cycles
Dark cycles

[Chorus 1+2]
Track Name: Torn
[Verse 1]:
Up upon this cross I watch you
Bleed out again and sigh
Concerned with only carnal passions
A salty tear left dried

Manipulating misconceptions
I told you I never lied
I never lied to you

You always try to tear me down
And tell me what to say
You care not what I’m thinking
Or the words I’ve said today
I always try to build you up
And make you what you’re not
It bears upon my thoughts
As my mind begins to rot

Oh, I
(I) feel so torn inside (Torn inside)
I cannot hide (I cannot hide)

Oh, please
I’m down here on my knees (On my knees)
I’ll beg and plead (Begging please)
Don’t let her leave me (Please, leave me)

God, Jesus, Holy Spirit
Save me (Save me)
I’m here all alone
Forsakenly (Forsaken me)

[Verse 2]:
From down upon the ground you see me
Heave a self-righteous sigh
Concerned with just my moral constraints
Never thought to ask why

You did things the way you chose to do
Or the reasoning behind
The morality of you

I always try to tear you down
And tell you what to say
I care not what you’re thinking
Or the words you’ve said today
You always try to build me up
And make me what I’m not
It bears upon your thoughts
As your mind begins to rot


[Guitar Solo]

Track Name: Servitude
Part 1: The Slave
[Verse 1]:
Filthy, worthless swine
I don’t need the truth
Hide it all away
I don’t even look

Nullify my thoughts
Numb me from the world
Solace in the death…
In the death of SELF!!

[Funky Wah-tastic]

[Chorus 1]:
Servitude: my only friend
A loyal slave until the end
You justified it to rectify
The weakness in my soul

I’ll be content with ignorance
A faithful serf in penitence
I will not think of your holy fears
That’ve kept me scared these many years


[Guitar Solo]

[Verse 2]:
No longer can I
Comfort in my toil
(I’ve) Taken of the fruit
I see in their hearts
Reign with love and sex
Drugs to keep us calm
In the hearts of MEN (GODS)!!

[Chorus 2]:
Servitude: my only end
And I don’t need a nary friend
You justified this to rectify
The strength within my soul

So I’ll survive through ignorance
A mindless serf of impotence
I could not think of your holy fears
That kept me chained these shortened years

Right? RIGHT!!!

Part 2: Saviour
Underneath that tree
Down upon your knees
You pray, you pray
But no one’s coming today

‘Cause saviors never come
When they are needed
They only show themselves
Once you’re done bleeding

[Bass Solo]

Why have you cried those tears
Over your many, short years?
Tears of pain and serving
The one you love to fear

So if you want to claim your freedom
Listen to my call
If you don’t help yourself
You won’t get any help at all

[Guitar Solo]

So if you want to claim your freedom
Listen to my call
You’ve got to be your own savior
Yourself is all you have… after all